Primary Level

Tapping on the strengths of the Singapore education system which is recognised internationally for its success in inculcating literacy and numeracy skill, our Primary School Education offers an academic curriculum which is in line with the Singapore syllabus. This ensures that students enrolled into TSIS are given the necessary grounding in the important core subjects, namely English, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Science.

To ensure students develop not just the mind but the body and spirit as well, our school also offers subjects such as Music, Art, Personal Social and Health Education, ICT and Physical Education.

The primary curriculum also aims to equip students with the necessary life skills needed to survive in today’s Fast-changing world. It is with this in mind that we have embarked on a student – centered approach to complement our existing curriculum. In essence, we recognize the fact that it is no longer sufficient to merely acquire content, but more importantly, students must learn how to learn, and be able to apply the skills and knowledge acquired.