About the School

Thai –Singapore International School (TSIS) implements a comprehensive curriculum adopted and adapted from that of Singapore Ministry of Education to provide our students with quality education.

We nurture and develop students in the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic domains over their formative years. The educational objectives of these five domains   (五育: 德, 智, 体, 群, 美)  are  achieved  through the best practices, from the east and the west, with a keen emphasis on Asian values and universal values in general.


21st Century Skills in a Global Economy

To ensure students are more engaged in the learning process, we aim to impart in them essential 21st century skills which encompass not only content knowledge, but also learning& innovation skills, communication & collaboration skills, information & technology literacy, and social & life skills.

Our students will not only be equipped with knowledge, but will also be taught to be respectful, responsible, uphold integrity and care for others while in school.  When face with challenges, able to exercise resilience in performing their duties.  We nurture our students to foster cordial relationships with others.


Three Languages

English language and Chinese language are our main media for instruction in teaching and learning activities.  Thai language is also offers to enable students to be conversant in three languages.  This will enable them to broaden their minds and encourage a good understanding of Thailand and the world beyond.


School Vision

An institution of distinction that leads and prepares students to thrive in today’s global economy.


School Mission

To provide a high quality, comprehensive education in a nurturing, trilingual environment to develop students to their fullest potential while enabling them to embrace future challenges of the global world with an open mind.



“To Strive, To Shine, To Broaden Minds”


School Theme

“Our School, Our Home”