SAT Test Takers

For SAT Test Takers please check the Scholarship Tab (on this website) for the mandatory ATK testing and COVID19 Prevention Protocol to be done in prior to coming to the exam venue at TSIS.


Why CONNECTION? Our students career is about happy and holistic well-being. 

CONNECTION entails peace and happiness with self, friends, family and communities.   

Career Guidance, Counselling, Coaching, Pastoral Care, Safeguarding and Peacemaking are all about connection, relationships. 

Every student matters in this school community, in your second home! 

TSIS-CIALFO College and Career Guidance

There are GATEWAYS to peace and prosperity even in times of anxiety and uncertainty. 


Attention:  Secondary 3-5 students, please log-in with your NEW email address and update your CIALFO account. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Cialfo application on your mobile phone. 

Cialfo application is available on both iOS and Google Play store now, the links are found here:

Happy moving forward!  For inquiries, email Ms Maya:

Other services, please scroll down at FLAGSHIP services per division.


From NK to Junior College we offer integrated services that are student-centered, needs-based, relevant and creative, such as: 

  • Individual counselling - intake, regular/routine, voluntary/drop in, follow-up, referral

  • Peer/group counselling 

  • Seminars, workshops, group dynamics and team-building activities 

  • PSHE and Homeroom Guidance support 

  • CTS- Consultation with Teachers and Staff

  • PTC- Parents Teachers Conference/Consultation

  • Case-conferences/consultation

  • Parental Guidance programs 

  • Continuing Professional Development (Counselling, Careers related) 

Office hours: 7:30 AM to 15:30 PM    

For appointment, please email:

Or CCC at (+66) 630853737  (+66)02 710 5900 

Ms Maylina "Maya" Maclang


Secondary/High School/College/Careers  (also for University Reps/College Fair Organizers) 

Office: Counselling and Career Centre CCC, 6th Floor, Zion Building


Ms Kotchaporn "Nuch" Pornsonti


Primary 1-6/Elementary Counselling Hub, 2nd floor, Victory Building