University Offers for Nat, Sec 6F

A very big congratulations to Nattacha Wattanaruk for landing a spot in Mahidol University International College where she will be majoring in Creative Technology.

Nattacha started her journey in Thai-Singapore International School in 2017. While working on her secondary education, she started exploring various academic interests including tourism and the medical field by participating in internships in different hospitals, attending dentistry camps, and signing up on the school’s medical club. However, realizing how the technology sector has been rapidly growing and how it is hugely shaping the future, Nattacha decided to focus on her other interests and has decided to take a shot in the world of AI, robotics, and computing machines believing that pursuit along this path is the best way to go to build a secure career for herself.

Nattacha is a well-rounded student who involved herself in various extracurricular activities while in TSIS. She was a member of the model United Nations club and had a passion for dancing and singing having taken part in multiple dance competitions and the school choir. She believes TSIS and everyone around her, especially her family and peers, played a huge part in what she has become and where she is today. She is forever grateful.