University Offers for Nop, Sec6 F

Richly deserved commendations are in order for Nop for his impressive university offers from some of the best medical schools in Thailand and first-rate universities in the United Kingdom in the fields of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, respectively.

He received a total of five (5) offers from prominent UK universities like Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), King’s College London, University of Glasgow and the University of Dundee. And he also got two (2) Doctor of Medicine offers from Thammasat-Chulabhorn and King’s Mongkut Institution of Technology in Thailand.

Nop’s passion in the fields of medicine and engineering is best illustrated in his intense interest in STEM, his enthusiasm in doing internship work in hospitals and medical laboratories, and his utmost commitment towards academic excellence. Throughout his six years in TSIS’s Secondary Division, he had consistently attained outstanding academic performances which ultimately resulted in his achievement of A*s and As scores in ten (10) IGCSE subjects and four (4) AS/A-Level subjects.

But his interests do not stop there as he is also into various extracurricular activities ranging from community engagements such tutoring IGCSE/AS-Level, to arts, golf, diving, and basketball and volleyball (he is a member of the TSIS basketball and volleyball varsity teams). He is indeed a well-rounded individual with an exceptional mindset and vigorous work ethics, which over the years have been shaped by his laser-focused determination and of TSIS’s guidance.